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Hey! Do you remember how in the movies there is an exciting trailer just before the movie starts? Well, today's assignment is going to be just that - exciting and engaging! We're going to discuss not just anything, but your favorite movie or TV show. You ready? Let's go!

Now it's your turn to take the director's chair. 🎬 Tell us about your favorite movie or TV series. What makes it so special to you? Why did this particular movie touch your heart? Do you re-watch it often and if so, why? One last question: Is there a movie you are looking forward to seeing in the future?


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E.g.: The plot of the movie was intriguing and full of unexpected twists.


E.g.: The main character's development throughout the film was impressive.


E.g.: I usually enjoy movies in the thriller genre.


E.g.: The script was well-written, with witty dialogue and a solid story.


E.g.: The lead actor's performance was breathtaking and truly captured the character's essence.


E.g.: The narrative structure was complex, yet it was easy to follow and engaging.

Popular sayings

A must-see

E.g.: That film is a must-see for any comedy lover.

On the edge of my seat

E.g.: The suspense in the movie kept me on the edge of my seat.

Based on a true story

E.g.: This movie is even more impactful because it's based on a true story.

Plot twist

E.g.: The plot twist near the end of the film was completely unexpected.

⭐️ Bonus Lesson

Although it is not obligatory, it is very useful! It's a chance to deepen your knowledge and diversify your learning. Try it, it's fun and educational!

I've got something interesting for you. It's like extra popcorn for your movie night. Not required, but very exciting!

Take your favorite character from the movie and tell us about him. How does he act? What motivates him? How does he change? Write at least 500 words about it. This is your chance to feel like a movie critic and show off your English skills!

So, ready to take the challenge?

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